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Take full advantage of the massive storage and enormous processing capability of your existing data platform for achieving high-speed BI on data at scale. Kyvos leverages your existing infrastructure for pre-processing and querying data so that you can scale your BI limitlessly and achieve high concurrency without performance compromises.

Cloud Data Storage on Data Platforms Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, Hadoop

Build For the Cloud

Built for the Cloud

Accelerate BI on the cloud. Kyvos offers a radically better way to do analytics on the cloud with high elasticity and superior performance. It supports all major cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Save costs on your Cloud Data Warehouse

Enable self-serve, interactive access on Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery, without exploding your BI costs. Our build-once-query-multiple-times approach helps users fire unlimited queries without any additional costs.

Save costs on your Cloud Data Warehouse

Support All Flavors Hadoop

Supports all Hadoop flavors

Build a BI acceleration layer directly on your on-premise Hadoop platform and enable instant business intelligence on massive amounts of data. Kyvos supports the latest releases of Cloudera, MapR, as well as Apache Hadoop.

No Data Movement

As Kyvos processes and serves query directly on your data platform, there is no need for any data movement. This saves you from the trouble of sending high-volume data over the network and ensures that your data is safe.

No Data Movement

Simple infrastructure

No additional infrastructure requirements. The Kyvos BI server and query engines can be deployed directly on your existing cloud or on-premise data platform.

Maximizing the Benefits
of Cloud Analytics

Cloud resources do not come cheap. If not planned properly, you could end up paying way more than anticipated. A good cloud strategy involves scaling resources as needed. Our schedule-based scaling allows you to scale your cloud analytics to quickly respond to load changes.

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Transform your business with instant insights on massive data, both on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. Download our datasheet to learn more.


Smart OLAP™ combines the flexibility and agility of cloud platforms with the power of OLAP, delivering speed-of-thought analytics needed for the modern data ecosystem.

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Eliminate the limitations of traditional BI and perform instant analytics on all your data with the world’s fastest and most scalable BI acceleration platform.