Universal Semantic Layer







Build a high-performing semantic layer on the cloud or on-premise data platforms, and make it easy for your users to consume enterprise data. With Kyvos semantic layer, you can achieve high performance across all queries without worrying about the size or complexity of your data.

This picture shows how Kyvos helps you build a universal semantic layer on cloud or on-premises data with the help of a BI acceleration layer and a visualisation layer.

Single Source of Truth

Unified Data View

Create a holistic view of all your data. Define all your metadata in one place and enable business teams across your enterprise to access the same source of truth with full confidence in its integrity.

Business Logic Abstraction

Embed your business logic in Kyvos and eliminate the need to define complex logic in multiple tools. Allow users to use any BI tool they like, with no need to switch to a new tool for complex analysis.

Business Logic Abstraction

Complex data modelling

Simplified Data Modeling

Solve complex business use cases with advanced data modeling features. Deploy multi-fact schema and deal with complex logical hierarchies, without compromising on performance.

Connect Anything

Connect any BI tool to your data lake. BI tools can connect to Kyvos using a standard SQL/MDX connection and get instant access to their data lake, whether on the cloud or on-premises.


Seamless Migration on Cloud

Seamless Migration to the Cloud

Easily move your BI and analytics processing from on-premise to cloud deployments with no impact on the business users.

What is a
Semantic Layer?

If you are dealing with massive data volumes, you need a semantic layer that not only provides a consistent data view across your enterprise but also delivers performance at scale. Learn how you can build a semantic layer that can handle future data workloads.

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Transform your business with instant insights on massive data, both on the cloud and on-premise data lakes. Download our datasheet to learn more.


Today, enterprises need efficient ways to model data collected across multiple touchpoints, business areas, and data sources. Learn how Kyvos simplifies complex data modeling at a massive scale.

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Eliminate the limitations of traditional BI and perform instant analytics on all your data with the world’s fastest and most scalable BI acceleration platform.