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Solutions By IT Needs

Kyvos’ Smart OLAP™ technology enables enterprises across the globe to overcome the limitations of their existing IT environment and achieve accelerated BI at a massive scale.

Kyvos helps you optimize the usage of your IT resources while saving costs.

SSAS Migration

Kyvos enables easy migration of your SSAS cubes to cloud data platforms. Migrate your existing SSAS cubes and scale quickly to accommodate your growing data. Our next-generation OLAP technology helps you build massively scalable cubes and deliver high-performance BI on the cloud.

TM1 Migration

Modernize your TM1 environment using Kyvos’ next-generation Smart OLAP™ technology and build OLAP cubes on trillions of rows across hundreds of dimensions and measure. Eliminate the limitations of legacy technologies to achieve the speed and performance required for modern-age analytics.

Data Democratization

Kyvos helps you enable instant, interactive, self-service data lake analytics to thousands of users across your enterprise. Plan and deploy analytics at suitable levels in your organization so that insights are available to all those who need them for their day-to-day decisions, with minimum dependency on data analysts or the IT teams.

BI Tool Acceleration

Bid adieu to slow dashboard refreshes, limited scalability, and lack of access to granular details. Kyvos lets you connect live to your data from any BI tool like Tableau, MicroStrategy, Looker, Power BI, Excel, or Cognos, and build interactive dashboards, irrespective of the size and complexity of your data.

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