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Kyvos is designed to enable enterprises to discover opportunities faster than ever before. Global organizations across industries and departments use Kyvos in limitless ways to transform their business with faster and deeper insights.

Build a High-Performing Data Ecosystem with Kyvos and StreamAnalytix

EDW Modernization

EDW Modernization

Migrate your existing data silos to the cloud or an on-premise data lake using automation, and build an analytics platform on it that provides instant and interactive enterprise business intelligence. Create a single source of truth with tight security protocols and also make it consumable across the enterprise. Our end-to-end solution follows an incremental approach with five main stages to ensure a holistic EDW modernization to enterprise BI solution for maximum business benefits.

BI Tool Acceleration

Accelerate the performance of your BI tools on massive data. Speed to insight is essential in today’s world, where the business landscape is constantly changing. Business users should be empowered to act quickly and stay ahead of the competition. Kyvos accelerates the performance of your existing BI tools on any amount of data, allowing users to use any tool that they like to instantly create dashboards and analyze their data, irrespective of the size and complexity of the underlying data.

BI Tool Acceleration

SSAS Migration

Migrate your existing SSAS cubes to the cloud or an on-premise data lake, and scale quickly to accommodate your growing data. Kyvos enables easy migration of your SSAS cubes to modern data platforms. It has been built with SSAS compatibility in mind and works on both on-premise as well as cloud platforms. Our scalable cubing solution delivers high performance on massive data, helping you build cubes without size and performance limitations.

Single Source of Truth

Deliver a single source of truth for users across your enterprise. As business environments change rapidly, it becomes difficult to keep pace with the massive amount of data generated every minute. Creating a single source of truth on massive data is not an easy task. Kyvos helps you create a holistic view of all your data so that business teams across your enterprise can access the same version of the truth with full confidence.

Data Democratization

Democratize data lake access for users across your enterprise. Plan and deploy analytics at suitable levels in your organization so that insights are available to all those who need them for their day-to-day decisions, with minimum dependency on data analysts or the IT teams. Kyvos helps you enable instant, interactive self-service data lake access to thousands of users within and beyond your organization, with high-class security mechanisms that ensure that users only see what they are authorized to see.

Solutions By Use Cases

Customer Journey Analytics

Deliver superior experiences and increase loyalty by visualizing the buying journey of your customers.

Financial Analytics

Sharpen revenue projections, maintain regulatory compliances, and target high-value customers.

Viewer Analytics

Deliver personalized content, retain customers, gain subscribers, and expand within current subscriber bases.

Supply Chain Analytics

Analyze data across stores, products, vendors, and customers to get instant visibility into your supply chain.