Expand big data user base

With Kyvos Insights integrated to major BI tools, the benefits of big data can now be extended to all of your analysts whether their favorite BI tool is Excel, Tableau, or others. Now BI analysts can join the ranks of data scientists to get value from your big data lake.

Analyze at Speed-of-Thought

With patent pending OLAP on Hadoop technology, Kyvos can return most big data queries in sub-seconds. Analysts can now get to their answers more quickly without interruptions while waiting for their queries to process.

Detect Micro Insights and Trends

Kyvos technology leverages the distributed storage and processing of data on Hadoop to allow analysts to drill down to the lowest granular level. Analyze all of your data and discover insights and trends that you would not have found before.

Enterprise Grade Security

With more and more analysts, security is at the forefront of your big data success. Kyvos supports strong data security and authentication at the lowest granular level.

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