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Hello, Banking Leaders!
Get High-Speed Analytics on All Your Data with Kyvos


Fast, Scalable & Cost-Effective Analytics Platform,

Now with GenAI

Kyvos is a GenAI-powered, cloud-native, high-speed data analytics platform that enables sub-second querying on massive datasets. The platform’s universal semantic layer democratizes data for all users across the enterprise, enabling self-serve analytics. Its AI-powered smart aggregation technology modernizes advanced analytics, while reducing the time and cost to extract insights. With Kyvos, instantly analyze data at any scale using the visualization tool and underlying cloud platform of your choice.


Powering Breakthrough Success at Leading Banks

Key Value Propositions for Banking Leaders

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

Make your FP&A function faster and more accurate to enhance your bank’s financial intelligence, with seamless analytical performance.

Advanced hierarchies

Handle massive data and complex hierarchies without the hassle of complex data modeling.

Instant adjustment refresh

Get a refreshed balance sheet in less than 30 seconds, without rebuilding data models.

Weighted rollups

Ensure precise allocations and recharges for shared costs, enhancing accuracy and transparency.

Excel plug-in

Analyze data, drill up or down into details, create custom reports and visualize them, all within Excel.

OLAP modernization

CCAR Reporting

Score high on the Fed’s CCAR stress tests, even on billions of risk points spread over hundreds of days.

Drill down to position levels

Dive deep into all your bank’s data to support better risk management and compliance.

Agile reporting

Get sub-second responses with automated data refresh to generate critical reports on time, every time.

Cost control

Achieve your CCAR objectives with one-third of what other solutions will cost.

Interactive analytics

No matter the underlying scenario, slice and dice data from any angle to see the complete picture.

Universal semantic layer

Universal Semantic Layer

Kyvos’ universal semantic layer organizes, simplifies and accelerates the consumption of unified data for consistent and trusted analytics.

Self-serve querying

Empower every user to explore the full depth and breadth of data, irrespective of its size or complexity.

Designed for the cloud

Leverage Kyvos’ scalable cloud presence and pay-per-use pricing for reduced querying costs.

Simplify analytics

Eliminate data complexities and standardize business logic across the bank.

Multidimensional analytics

Experience end-to-end analytics on billions of data points—raw or aggregated data—without losing granularity.

Data Mesh

OLAP Modernization

Kyvos’ AI-powered smart aggregation technology eliminates traditional OLAP constraints, ensuring rapid scalability and high-performance analytics on the cloud.

Granular access

Drill down, roll up, slice and dice data for deeper insights from unlimited dimensions, measures and facts.

Support for all BI tools

Use any BI tool for sub-second querying without depending on any extracts or imports.

No in-memory limitations

Process and query billions of rows instantly using Kyvos’ distributed architecture and parallelism support.

High concurrency

Ensure unmatched performance for thousands of concurrent users across the branches and business units.

BI and Reporting


Numbers That Matter


More data

Build smart aggregates on billions of rows and thousands of key metrics.


Faster performance

Sub-second, interactive responses on both cold and warm queries.


Reduced analytics cost

Elastic architecture and price-performant querying to reduce cloud compute costs.


Meet Your Analytics Goals

Embed advanced analytics into your banking workflows and decision-making to meet strategic goals.

Analytical data warehouse

A modern, unified cloud data warehouse purpose-built for fast, secure and cost-effective analytics at scale.

BI & reporting

Built-in data science and machine learning capabilities to deliver data-driven insights through customizable 360° dashboards.

Data product layer

Decentralize analytics with data-as-a-product for cross-department collaboration with Kyvos’ data mesh.

Data security

Multi-level security, data auditability, backups, recovery and granular role-based access to a unified data source.

Easy adoption

User-friendly drag-and-drop interface and low-code/no-code architecture for seamless integration with existing tools & interfaces.

Live connections

Connect any BI tool live to your data using Kyvos’ SQL, MDX, DAX, OLAP4J and REST APIs for instant insights.

Modern data platforms

Support for all cloud data platforms, data warehouses or on-premise data lakes to enable high-performance querying.

Seamless migration

Kyvos’ migration utility to move all your existing analytical workflows from legacy SSAS, TM1 or Essbase to Kyvos.


AI-Driven Analytics for
Industry Leaders 


High-Performance Analytics on the Cloud

Kyvos Analytics Acceleration Platform Architecture

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