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Kyvos is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor at MicroStrategy World 2021, the first virtual global conference by MicroStrategy. Scheduled for February 3-4, 2021, the conference is unconstrained by time and space, as it gives an excellent opportunity for BI enthusiasts to explore different approaches for enterprise analytics.

We are excited to meet and connect with you at our virtual booth to understand your BI needs and share how Kyvos can help you transform your analytical journey and enable you to become truly data-driven.

Kyvos + MicroStrategy: Analyze Massive Volumes of Data in Sub-seconds

Kyvos is the world’s fastest and most powerful BI acceleration platform that lets you instantly analyze billions of data points in sub-seconds on MicroStrategy directly from your modern data platforms. Our Smart OLAP™ helps you achieve deeper and faster insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional OLAP platforms.

MicroStrategy on Kyvos enables business users to:

  • Consolidate all data in a single cube vs. multiple smaller cubes
  • Overcome resource overload issues associated with traditional OLAP
  • Access the Kyvos cube directly through MicroStrategy
  • Eliminate the need for recreating cube designs in MicroStrategy
  • Achieve high performance even for thousands of concurrent users

Kyvos Gateway Connector Launched

MicroStrategy has recently launched Kyvos named connector and it will be shipped with MicroStrategy Version 2020.1 making it easy for users to connect and start exploring all their data.

Kyvos’ Speaking Session at MicroStrategy World 2021

We’re delighted to share that our Chief Product Officer, Ajay Anand will also be speaking at the conference. See the session information below.

Supercharging MicroStrategy on Billions of Rows with Kyvos Smart OLAP™

Discover how you can power MicroStrategy with Kyvos’ AI & ML based Smart OLAP™ to instantly analyze billions of rows of historical and granular data on any cloud. Kyvos lets you consolidate all your existing cubes for holistic and cost-effective reporting using MicroStrategy dossiers, documents and reports.

Session Date and Time: Wednesday, February 3rd at 12PM EST

If you want to witness the powerful capabilities of Kyvos and how it can make your MicroStrategy perform on a massive scale, schedule a demo with us.

See you at MicroStrategy World!

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