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Solution Brief

Supercharging Tableau Performance
on Massive Data

Tableau is one of the leading BI tools of all time. Majority of businesses rely on Tableau as it enables you to create brilliant visualizations and detailed reports. However, with the constant increase in data volumes and businesses moving to the cloud, Tableau can’t keep up.

When Tableau on the cloud is exposed to working with massive data sets, the query response times go up to minutes or hours instead of seconds. Businesses need a solution that can help them analyze data at the desired scale and bring back the response in sub-seconds.

Kyvos BI acceleration layer is your answer. With Tableau on Kyvos, you can interactively analyze billions of rows of data, create a live connection to your data and get sub-second query responses.Our Smart OLAP™ technology builds a high-performing semantic layer on your data platform.

Download the solution brief to know how you can achieve:

  • Live connection to billions of rows
  • Sub-second response times
  • Drill-down to the lowest level of detail
  • High performance on Cloud and On-premise data lakes

Read our Solution Brief

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