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We are excited to launch Kyvos Free, full-featured, forever free version of our BI acceleration platform that will help enterprises of any size across industries transform analytics on the cloud. With this release, enterprises can download a free version of our platform and enjoy unlimited access to all advanced product features without any payment or obligations.

Free Yourself from Compromised BI

“Most enterprises today have to make compromises in visualizing and consuming their data. They either have to give up on the scale of BI for the sake of performance or settle for slower response times. In either case, the business gets impacted, and it becomes challenging to generate ROI on cloud investments. Our platform is designed to accelerate BI performance and deliver a seamless user experience,” said Brahmajeet Desai, Director of Marketing and Sales at Kyvos Insights. “By making our platform accessible to everyone, from small businesses to very large enterprises, we aim to make a positive impact on millions of businesses across the globe struggling with BI performance and scale issues.”

Unlimited free access to cutting-edge technology with quick onboarding makes it easy to get started with Kyvos Free. The best part is that you get unrestricted access to all product features, including advanced data modeling capabilities and ML-powered Smart Recommendation Engine, without any additional provisioning. Smart OLAP™ technology helps you deep dive into your data, ask any questions, and get sub-second query responses.

However, when compared to the full-fledged platform, the free version has a few limitations. You can analyze data up to:

  • 2 Billion Rows
  • 10 Dimensions and 50 Attributes
  • 50 Million Cardinality

BI Acceleration for Everyone

Kyvos Free is an excellent tool if you want to start small and test a few use cases. Once you see the value Kyvos brings to your business, you can quickly scale up and switch to the enterprise version at any time. The current release works on the BI environment on AWS cloud, but we plan to add support for Azure and Google Cloud in the next few months.

Besides the full-feature set, Kyvos Free also brings in the new Quick Analysis feature curated especially for users who do not have much experience with the Kyvos UI. With this feature, you can use a wizard-based workflow to model your data, get recommendations on design optimizations, and quickly start your analysis.

If you want to explore what you can do with data that already exists within your enterprise, sign up for Kyvos Free now. Whether you have thousands of transactions, a few million, or even up to 2 billion, you can use Kyvos Free limitlessly to discover game-changing insights for your business.

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