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Many organizations have turned to the Looker BI platform to address their analytics needs. However, despite being a popular tool for cloud analytics, users often report Looker performance issues when data volumes exceed a certain limit. As queries get more complex and data explodes further, analysts and business users experience slow dashboards and a lack of interactivity.

The Challenge of High-Performance on the Cloud

Like any other BI tool, Looker faces several challenges while dealing with massive datasets on modern data platforms. When transactions rise to billions and trillions of rows of data, queries that were served seconds earlier take minutes and hours to return. Looker performance degrades even further as business requirements grow and analytical complexity increases. Dashboards take longer to load, sometimes leading to ‘dashboard freezes’ as well. This not only frustrates the end-users but also affects critical business decisions adversely. Achieving high BI performance becomes essential for enterprises with growing data volumes.

If you are dealing with massive data on Looker, you can solve these challenges with the Kyvos BI acceleration platform. Kyvos and Looker together enable you to achieve faster and more in-depth analytics, even for the most complex queries.

Looker + Kyvos: Experience the True Power of Instant Analytics

Kyvos supercharges Looker’s performance on massive data on the cloud. The key benefit that Kyvos brings to this equation is that it creates an OLAP-based BI acceleration layer on top of the cloud platforms with its Smart OLAP™ technology. This layer enables Looker users to seamlessly access massive datasets and achieve exceptionally high performance even on the most complex queries.


Kyvos Looker Cloud Solution

Simplify Dashboard Creation

Besides delivering performance, Kyvos’ Semantic Layer makes it easy for Looker users to create interactive dashboards. Analytics with Looker requires creating tables with multiple dimensions and measures, making the overall process slow with growing data. In comparison, when you use the combination of Kyvos and Looker, you get a single unified view of all your data powered by Smart OLAP™ technology, which enables BI developers to minimize complexity and reduce development time while creating dashboards.

Optimize Querying Costs

Another key benefit of using Kyvos with Looker is a substantial reduction in querying costs. Kyvos’ build-once-query-multiple-times approach enables Looker users to save costs without restricting the number of queries they can fire. Moreover, you can further optimize querying costs by scaling analytics up and down to achieve consistent performance during spikes and reduce consumption during lean periods.

Let us check out the steps for using Looker with Kyvos and how you can use this combination to speed up your enterprise analytics.

How to Connect Kyvos with Looker

Users can connect and browse Kyvos data cubes directly from their Looker interface.

To connect Kyvos and Looker, perform the following steps:

  • From the Admin menu, select Connections.

Looker Admin menu
Looker – Admin menu

  • To add a new Connection, click on Add Connection > Database connection.
  • The Connection Settings page is displayed, as shown in the following figure.


Looker – Connection settings

After filling all the fields, a connection will be created between both the platforms, which will be visible on the Connections screen.

Browsing Kyvos Cubes in Looker

On the Project page, click the inverted triangle option and choose the view that you want to browse.

Browsing View in Looker

Browsing View in Looker

You will be redirected to the Explore page, where you can browse the Kyvos cube.


Looker – Explore Page

Closing Notes

With the combined benefits of speed, scale, pre-aggregation, multidimensional analysis, Kyvos, and Looker together deliver exceptional performance on modern data platforms.

To see Looker and Kyvos in action for high-performance BI, request a demo now!


How can I improve my Looker performance?

Kyvos helps businesses improve Looker performance with analytics acceleration at an unprecedented scale. The platform creates an OLAP-based acceleration layer on the cloud data warehouses and enables Looker users to access huge datasets for seamless query performance, even for highly complex queries.

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