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Leapfrog into the next level of BI performance on massive cloud datasets without worrying about infrastructure, management, and operations. Kyvos Cloud, our fully-managed offering, accelerates your BI so that you can focus on making insightful decisions while we take care of maintenance and deployment overheads.

Today, the market for managed services is growing exponentially. It enables businesses to use advanced technologies and business-critical platforms without the associated challenges like the time taken to go live, hiring specialists, investing in infrastructure, maintenance, and upgrades, and more. Additionally, organizations that have already moved their data to platforms like Snowflake, Redshift are struggling with achieving a balance of performance and cost.

Our Managed Service can be an answer to most of these challenges.

The Need for Managed Services on the Cloud

According to a study, the cloud managed services market size is expected to grow USD 139.4 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.1% during the forecast period.

There are many benefits of deploying managed services, but the question that businesses should ask is why do they need managed services? Because not every managed service can fulfill your requirements. For instance, if your data is continuously increasing, and it’s becoming difficult to analyze data for insights, then your business is struggling to choose between speed and scale while visualizing and consuming data.

What if there’s a no-compromise solution that can eliminate scaling and complexity issues enabling users to fire unlimited queries on large amounts of data and still get sub-second responses.

Kyvos Cloud is designed to rapidly deploy BI Acceleration on the cloud. It is a hassle-free environment that lets you focus more on the insights, relieving businesses from the worries of maintenance, performance SLAs, optimizations, overheads, and more.

Feature Highlights

Let’s look at some of the key features of Kyvos Cloud –

  • Cloud-native Smart OLAP™ technology – Kyvos Cloud combines the power of scalable data platforms with OLAP-based analytics, enabling you to meet the growing analytical needs of your business while controlling costs and ensuring optimal utilization of resources.
  • Instant responses on billions of rows – Analyze any amount of data with any number of users and still get instant response times.
  • Advanced data modeling capabilities – Map complex business use cases into efficient data models using a graphical interface. Deal with high-cardinality dimensions and complex logical hierarchies without compromising performance.
  • Design optimized OLAP modelsML-powered Smart Recommendation Engine helps you understand data and query patterns to build smarter aggregates on large datasets that help you meet performance SLAs.
  • Wizard-based workflow – A wizard-based workflow automatically validates your data, creates relationships, and cube design, thereby eliminating the effort and time needed to design the OLAP model.
  • SOC Compliance with enterprise-grade security – Kyvos Cloud is SOC 2 Type 1 compliant and ensures full safety and confidentiality of your data. Additionally, our built-in three-tiered security and APIs for integration with the custom security framework further enhance data security at all levels.

Kyvos Cloud takes care of all your deployment and maintenance overheads. If you want, you can see the power of the platform with a few data workloads of your choice. Once you experience the speed and the value Kyvos brings to your business, you can re-calibrate your environment and get in more workloads or use cases as per your business requirements.

How to Get Started with Kyvos Cloud

Step 1 – Discover

Connect with us and describe your business use case. Details such as the size of your data and the performance challenges you face will help us recommend the usage tier that best suits your requirements. Based on our discussion, we can define SLAs to ensure the effectiveness of the process.

Step 2 – Implement

Provide details about your storage platform so that we can spin a cluster, deploy, and configure Kyvos Cloud for you.

Step 3 – Go Live

Since Kyvos Cloud is deployed and configured in our environment, you don’t have to worry about any overheads. Get productive right away by following these steps –

  • Connect Data – Connect your data source to Kyvos.
  • Register Files – Identify files from your data source that you want to analyze.
  • Define Relationships – Create relationships among the different datasets and define the schema.
  • Design & build cube – Get recommendations on the cube design and build a cube.
  • Analyze your data – Create sheets and dashboards to analyze your data in Kyvos or any third-party BI tool.

Step 4 -Maintain

Our support team will manage and maintain the environment. You can see the status of all the processes in the health monitor dashboard to identify the ones that are not working.

Benefits of Kyvos Cloud

  • No limitations on the size or complexity of data
  • Query limitlessly without exploding costs
  • Manage varying workloads with autoscaling
  • Connect to any BI tool via SQL or MDX connectivity
  • On-demand professional services.
  • Unlike other managed services, you can use Kyvos Cloud for some time, even after you have used up all your credits.

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Kyvos Cloud is currently available on AWS. Get started quickly with our fully managed offering to discover game-changing insights for your business.

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