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Kyvos for OLAP on Hadoop

Accelerate BI with OLAP Cubes on Hadoop


Analyze big data at massive scale and achieve instant business insights using Kyvos Smart OLAP™ on Hadoop.


Superfast BI

Instantly access massive data volumes from Hadoop and achieve sub-second responses on all queries.


Any BI Tool

No additional investment in new tools. Supercharge the performance of your existing BI tools to get instant BI at massive scale.

Kyvos Smart Semantic Layer

Smart Semantic Layer™

Define all your complex business rules in one place. Create a single version of truth for users across the enterprise.


Deep Analytics

Drill down to the most granular details of your data and access even the most hidden insights without any compromise.


Modernize Legacy OLAP

Migrate your traditional OLAP models to Kyvos’ next-gen Smart OLAP™ and build massively scalable OLAP models on all your data.

Secure Access

Secure Access

Integrate seamlessly with the existing security models and frameworks of your Big Data platforms to ensure data governance and security.

Analyze More Data
Faster Performance
The Difference

Revolutionize Big Data Analytics at Massive Scale

High-Performance BI Architecture for OLAP on Hadoop


Technical Details

Smart OLAP™ for Big Data

Our next-generation Smart OLAP™ technology breaks the barriers of BI scalability on big data and lets you build massively scalable OLAP cubes on Hadoop. This controlled pre-aggregation removes latency and increases speed of insights. Further, with our automated incremental updates feature, you can easily accommodate new data, replacement data, and time windowed data without any manual intervention or custom coding.


Universal Semantic Layer

Kyvos’ Smart Semantic Layer™ creates a unified view of organizational truth enabling easy and instant access to massive data on Hadoop for 1000s of users across your enterprise. You can define all your metadata in Kyvos without having to write complex codes time and again. Kyvos’ simple drag and drop feature lets you build complicated workflows and interactive dashboards within seconds.

Unified Semantic Layer

Integrates with all BI Tools

With Kyvos you can create live access to big data, using your existing BI tools, and achieve interactive response times. Kyvos supports all major BI tools including Looker, Business Objects, Cognos, Excel, Qlik, MicroStrategy, Power BI, Spotfire and Tableau and provides seamless integration with our built-in SQL and MDX connectors. You can also access Kyvos cubes from data science engines like R and Python to discover data patterns.


Enterprise Security

Kyvos provides seamless integration with your existing security models to ensure data governance and multi-level security directly at storage layer. You can use granular access control with user and group permissions for charts, worksheets, datasets, and cubes to ensure your users access only what they are authorized to. Kyvos also connects to Kerberos, LDAP and Active Directory for enterprise user management and authentication.

Secure Access to Cloud Data




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