Solutions by Use Cases

Kyvos is designed to enable enterprises to discover opportunities faster than ever before. Global organizations across industries and departments use Kyvos in limitless ways to transform their business with faster and deeper insights.

Build a High-Performing Data Ecosystem with Kyvos and StreamAnalytix

Customer Journey Analytics

Customer Journey Analytics

Deliver superior experiences and increase loyalty by visualizing the buying journey of your customers. With Kyvos you can create a 360-degree view of your customers through self-service, instant analytics on trillions of customer interactions across multiple touchpoints. You can use the insights to engage with your customers and build long-term relationships with them.

Financial Analytics

Sharpen revenue projections, maintain regulatory compliances, and target high-value customers. With Kyvos you can explore large amounts of complex financial data instantly so that you can identify anomalies and decimate potential frauds. You can do a deep analysis of historical data, helping you understand complex market risk models and predict future investments.

Financial Analytics

Viewer Analytics

Viewer Analytics

Deliver personalized content, retain customers, gain subscribers, and expand within current subscriber bases. With Kyvos you can understand your viewers better through instant insights on massive data. You can analyze historical viewership data across multiple dimensions and get instant insights on consumption patterns and content performance.

Supply Chain Analytics

Analyze data across stores, products, vendors, and customers to get instant visibility into your supply chain. With Kyvos you can build superior and more efficient supply chains by enabling instant analytics on trillions of rows of supply chain data. You can perform trend analysis on years of historical data or drill down into the most granular details to get store-item level information, all within seconds.

Supply Chain Management

Solutions By IT Needs

EDW Modernization

Migrate your data silos to the cloud or on-premise data lakes using automation and build a platform for instant BI.

BI Tool Acceleration

Accelerate BI tool performance on massive data and empower your business users to stay ahead of the competition.

SSAS Migration

Migrate your SSAS cubes to the cloud or an on-premise data lake and scale quickly to accommodate growing data.

Single Source of Truth

Create a holistic view of your data so that users across your enterprise access a single source of truth with confidence.