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Solutions by Use Cases

Kyvos is helping leading organizations, globally, in achieving superfast insights on their constantly growing data to derive business critical decisions on time.

Enterprises across industries and departments are using Kyvos to transform their business.

Customer Journey Analytics

Deliver superior customer experiences and increase brand loyalty by optimizing customer journey analytics with Kyvos. You can create a 360-degree view of your customers buying journey with self-service, interactive analytics on trillions of customer interactions across multiple touchpoints.

Financial Analytics

Kyvos lets you analyze large amounts of financial data instantly so that you can identify anomalies and decimate potential frauds. Kyvos empowers you with superfast insights helping you sharpen your revenue and investment projections, maintain regulatory compliances, and understand complex market risk models.

Retail Analytics

Kyvos lets you scale limitlessly and analyze enterprise-wide data in sub-seconds to get end-to-end visibility into every aspect of your retail business. You can effectively monitor your data, consolidate it across channels, create interactive dashboards, churn out actionable insights, and leverage them to transform your bottom line.

Risk Analytics

Kyvos helps your analysts in identifying, measuring, and managing financial risks and complying with statutory regulations, interactively and easily. Achieve a holistic view across hundreds of reports, dig deeper into transaction-level details, and perform complex calculations, all within sub-seconds.

Supply Chain Analytics

Kyvos lets you analyze trillions of rows of supply chain data, perform trend analysis on history, and drill down into the most granular details to get store-item level information, all within seconds. Analyze data across stores, products, vendors, and customers to get instant visibility to build superior and more efficient supply chains.

Viewership Analytics

Kyvos lets you can understand your viewers better with superfast and deeper insights on consumption patterns and content performance. You can analyze historical viewership data across multiple dimensions to deliver personalized content, retain customers, gain subscribers, and expand within current subscriber bases.

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