Kyvos + MicroStrategy
Instant BI at Massive Scale

Cloud | On-Premise

Kyvos supercharges MicroStrategy for trillions of rows of data on the cloud and on-premise storage platforms, helping users achieve instant BI on all enterprise data, and that too at a fraction of the cost.

Scale Limitlessly

Analyze as much data as you need using your MicroStrategy interface

Unmatched Performance

Sub-second responses on queries even on trillions of rows

Cloud and On-Premise Platforms

Connect MicroStrategy to modern data platforms with high performance

No Data Movement

Interactive, multi-dimensional analysis without any data movement


Eliminate resource overload issues associated with in-memory OLAP

High Concurrency

Scale for thousands of users with minimal degradation

Instant Insights on Massive Data

Unleash the full potential of your data by exploring it limitlessly from your MicroStrategy interface. Kyvos improves the performance of MicroStrategy on modern data platforms by enabling multi-dimensional analytics on previously unthinkable amounts of data while delivering sub-second response times.

Instant Insights on Massive Data
High Performance Unlimited Scalability

High Performance and Unlimited Scalability

Our next-generation OLAP technology delivers high performance at a massive data. Kyvos leverages modern data platforms to build and store OLAP cubes, eliminating memory and resource overload issues associated with in-memory OLAP. The pre-aggregated cubes are materialized for speed, helping MicroStrategy users analyze any size of data without impacting performance.

Interactive Analysis

Our cubes accommodate a much larger number of dimensions and measures, allowing MicroStrategy users to query, slice and dice, drill down, and explore their data across multiple dimensions with interactive response times.

Interactive Analysis
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Kyvos integrates seamlessly with MicroStrategy enabling users to work on modern data platforms directly from their MicroStrategy interface. Our smooth integration with MicroStrategy enables hassle-free data access for business users and analysts, driving easy consumption of massive data for users across the enterprise.

Kyvos Architecture Diagram MicroStrategy


By combining MicroStrategy’s compelling visualizations and Kyvos’ capability to deliver high performance on data at a massive scale, you can revolutionize analytics for your business. Download the solution brief to learn more about the integration.



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Case Study kyvos+Microstrategy

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