Kyvos Architecture

Kyvos builds a BI acceleration layer on your data platform that enables BI tools to access massive volumes of data on the cloud and on-premise platforms with instant response times. This layer bridges the gap between your data and the business intelligence and analytics tools, and provides a consistent semantic model for business users, making it easy for them to visualize massive data.

Kyvos Architecture 2019

Instant BI at Massive Scale

Kyvos enables easy and instant consumption of massive data for users across your enterprise. Our revolutionary technology allows your existing BI tools to access huge datasets with interactive response times and no data movement.

  • Easily scales to support thousands of concurrent users without affecting performance.
  • Query engines return the most complex queries in sub-seconds.
  • Supports standard SQL and MDX queries.
  • Supports high availability with active-active load balancing.

Instant BI at Massive Scale

Graphical Cube Design

Graphical Cube Design

Our visual interface allows you to build multi-dimensional cubes on all your data with simple drag and drop.

  • Supports additive and semi-additive functions
  • Supports Multi-Fact, Star, Snowflake and other schema designs.
  • Provision for many-to-many relationships.
  • Supports calculated measures.

Next-generation OLAP

Our patented technology breaks the barriers of OLAP scalability and interactivity. Our smart algorithms optimize the creation of distributed, multi-dimensional cubes for better performance and unlimited scalability.

  • Pre-aggregation of data with options to control the aggregation level.
  • Automated incremental updates without manual intervention or custom coding to handle new data, replacement data, and time windowed data.
  • Supports automatic data replacement.

Next generation OLAP

Kyvos Administration

Easy Administration

Our application can be easily managed and monitored without complex command line operations. You can provision, track, and secure the cluster while installing and configuring Kyvos.

  • Track and manage your resource availability through the Activity Monitor.
  • Monitor query performance, usage and health of your cluster.
  • On-screen help for easy navigation and debugging.

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