Make your Big Data Lake BI Ready

Make your big data lake BI ready with Kyvos BI Consumption Layer

  • Sub-second response times
  • Use your favorite BI tools
  • Native on Hadoop scalability
  • User access and security management
  • Patent pending distributed OLAP technology on Hadoop


Interactive Self-Service Analytics

Use your favorite BI tools to access and process data natively on Hadoop. No learning curve. No need to move data.

Analysis at Speed-of-Thought

Perform analysis without coffee breaks. Arrive at your answers more quickly without waiting for your query to return.

Enterprise Grade Security

Let your analysts access big data with confidence with our enterprise grade security and user access features!

Partners with Leading BI Solutions



“Kyvos Insights breathes new life into OLAP by porting it to Hadoop. Since Kyvos precalculates all aggregates at every level of dimensional hierarchies, it can provide faster response times for queries than SQL-on-Hadoop platforms. Forrester recommends Kyvos Insights to clients looking to migrate existing OLAP-based apps from proprietary platforms or build new OLAP-based apps on Hadoop for interactive analysis”

– The Forrester Wave(TM): Native Hadoop BI Platforms, Q3 2016

Report Author: Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst

Forrester Research


In conversation with Silicon Angle at Hadoop Summit

Watch Praveen Kankariya, CEO and Ajay Anand, VP Products of Kyvos Insights talk with John Furrier & George Gilbert from Silicon Angle during Hadoop Summit 2016. They talk about how Kyvos Insights is making Big Data accessible, interactive and useful for business users.

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Business Analyst

      • Develop insights from your data, regardless of size and granularity
      • Work visually, not in code
      • Get results fast, usually within two seconds
      • Drill deep, as far as you want
      • Interact with your data without waiting for reports
      • Create visualizations using your exisiting BI tools


IT Professional

      • Build cubes directly on Hadoop at any scale
      • Transform your data visually with no programming
      • Avoid moving data to a separate data mart for analysis
      • Empower users with self service analytics
      • Deal with rapid data ingestion with incremental cube builds

Achieving Big Results with Big Data Lakes at Interactive Speed

Read real-life examples of how global organizations have successfully applied big data analytics to improve their business operations, including:

  • A leading global investment bank that improved its risk management compliance
  • A global telecom provider that benefited from better insights into their viewer behavior
  • A major U.S. cable operator that got a better view of the IoT data in their network, and improved truck rolls