Breaking the barriers of OLAP scalability and interactivity

Your BI Tools. Blazingly Fast. On Big Data.

Olap on Hadoop


Tableau queries on Big Data in seconds, not minutes.

Tableau users can now get high-performance access to massive amounts of data
on Hadoop, with instant response times, by seamlessly leveraging Kyvos’ OLAP on Hadoop technology.

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Eliminate “layovers”

No need to move data to an intermediate database. Avoid the latency involved in moving your data
out of Hadoop into a database for analytics, and derive insights seamlessly, on a single platform.

Visually transform and blend your data in Hadoop

Clean, process and transform your data on Hadoop with no coding required.

Hadoop Data Transformation

IDC Case Study

Data Monetization Is Real: Entravision deploys Kyvos Insights and Hadoop for Big Data and Analytics Services to its Clients

In conversation with Silicon Angle at Hadoop Summit 2015

Watch John Furrier, Editor-in-Chief of Silicon Angle, in a conversation with Praveen Kankariya, CEO and Ajay Anand, VP Products of Kyvos Insights at the Hadoop Summit 2015. Ajay and Praveen talk about how Kyvos Insights is revolutionizing Big Data Analytics for both technology and business users alike.


Are you a business user?

Kyvos lets you…

  • develop insights from all your data, regardless of size and granularity
  • work visually, not in code
  • get results fast, usually within two seconds
  • drill deep, as far as you want
  • interact with your data without waiting for reports
  • create visualizations using your existing BI tools

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Cubes on Hadoop Analytics

building an olap cube with hadoop

Are you an IT Professional?

With Kyvos’ OLAP on Hadoop technology, you can…

  • build cubes directly on Hadoop at any scale
  • transform your data visually with no programming
  • avoid moving data to a separate data mart for analysis
  • empower users with self service analytics
  • deal with rapid data ingestion with incremental cube builds

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What’s the story hidden in your data?

Hadoop Analytics

Kyvos lets business users visually explore all their data, interact with it effortlessly, and derive meaningful insights instantly to make better-informed business decisions. Kyvos offers the scalability and flexibility of Hadoop and the speed and interactivity of OLAP.

We invite you to schedule a demo with Kyvos Insights and see how to derive maximum return on your information through our innovative technology.