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Who isn’t a Tableau fan? It’s a lifeline for many businesses because it empowers them to perform self-service analytics using intuitive, interactive dashboards. The reason behind why it’s the first choice among enterprises is that it’s easy to use, and its dazzling display of visualization facilitates real-time interaction with data across multiple systems and platforms.

Challenges of Modern Data Analytics

Though Tableau is the perfect tool to visualize and analyze smaller datasets, it becomes challenging to work with cloud-scale data. Let’s investigate some of the challenges that users face as data volume increases and analytical requirements get more complex –

  1. Dashboards get sluggish, and it becomes difficult to drill down to granular details. When billions and trillions of rows of data must be scanned to serve each query, it becomes difficult to achieve the kind of performance that Tableau users are accustomed to.
  2. The problem intensifies further as analytical complexity increases. Heavy calculations at runtime result in slowdowns, and users experience excessive delays.
  3. Additionally, enterprises find it difficult to inflict a single standard for consuming and driving analytics. Sometimes, different teams across the enterprise opt for more than one BI tool, leading to conflicting reports and siloed analysis.

Like age, data is constantly increasing, so businesses need a future-ready solution that can handle massive data without compromising on the performance of their favorite BI tool, Tableau. With ever-changing business requirements and demand for instant insights, it has become imperative to implement a solution that can provide quick and flexible reporting with the ability to dive deeper into the granular level details without worrying about the size and complexity of your data.

Introducing Kyvos – The No-Compromise Solution

Kyvos is a BI acceleration platform that can kill two birds with one stone.

It supercharges Tableau’s battery to enable instant, ad-hoc analysis on billions of transactions and allows Tableau users to work on cloud-scale data interactively with sub-second response times.

Unmatched Speed at Unlimited scale

Kyvos creates a high-performing BI acceleration layer between Tableau and cloud and leverages the cloud’s ability to scale, enabling you to use Tableau seamlessly at any scale. Using its innovative Smart OLAP™ technology, Kyvos pre-aggregates all combinations and store them on the cloud itself. As all the heavy lifting is done in advance, queries become lightweight, and you can query any amount of data using your Tableau interface and get responses in sub-seconds.

Amplify Analytics with Kyvos Smart Semantic Layer™ on the Cloud

In addition, Kyvos builds a Smart Semantic Layer™ on the cloud that overcomes the challenge of siloed reporting by adding business knowledge right on top of the data layer. Instead of defining business and calculation logic within Tableau, you can put everything in Kyvos and enable business users across your enterprise to access a single source of truth while achieving high BI performance.

How Customers Across Industries are Using Kyvos with Tableau to Solve their Business Problems

#Case 1: Leading Pharmacy Store Chain Transforms SCM with Instant Insights on 315 billion Records using Kyvos + Tableau

One of the largest pharmacy store chains in the US, with thousands of stores and hundreds of thousands of products, wanted to analyze two years of history in Tableau to drive their business outcomes. However, analyzing this data was beyond the limits of their existing BI infrastructure. Some of the key challenges they faced were:

  • Inability to analyze hundreds and billions of records from 50+ tables and data sources.
  • Slow response times kept business users waiting for days to get insights.
  • Diagnostics were difficult as they could not drill down to granular levels.

They used Kyvos to build a scalable architecture that helped them analyze historical inventory, operations, sales, and supplier data on their Tableau dashboards. The Kyvos + Tableau solution helped them:

  • Save cost on the excess inventory by reducing the number of days of supply.
  • Perform time series analysis on inventory level for a two-year window.
  • Get responses in a flash by leveraging the speed of Kyvos and Tableau’s easy-to-use and interactive environment.
  • Extend secure access of their BI environment to thousands of suppliers, helping them improve supplier relationships.

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#Case 2: Global Coffee Brand Analyzes 3 Years of POS data on Azure using Tableau with Kyvos

One of the world’s leading coffee brands was struggling to get a holistic view of its point-of-sale data across thousands of stores and products. Their analysts needed to explore massive amounts of transaction-level data to get an accurate 360-view across their customers, products, and stores across time. However, scale and performance issues with their Azure and Tableau environments, however, made for a big hurdle. They were facing several challenges:

  • Inability to scale and conduct analysis over extended time periods.
  • Tableau slowdowns with growing data volumes.
  • Heavy reliance on manual coding and dependency on expensive data engineering resources.

The Kyvos + Tableau solution helped them overcome these challenges and get in-depth insights into their data. Earlier, they could process data for only one or two quarters, and even then, insights were delayed and expensive. With Kyvos, they can now work with three years of history in Tableau with a built-in capacity to scale limitlessly in the future. The Kyvos + Tableau solution helped them perform –

  • Holistic reporting on 40 million customers.
  • Self-service analytics with the fastest response time.
  • Year-over-year analysis on three years of data vs. just a few months.
  • Drill down to the Day/Time-of-Day level detail on product and store data.

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#Case 3: Leading Software Company uses Kyvos with Tableau to Drive Superior Experiences to 230 million Customers

A leading multinational computer soft¬ware company wanted to consolidate the data from different customer touchpoints and create a 360-degree view of the customer’s interactions with the company’s products and services. However, they were facing several challenges in analyzing the enormous amount of data being generated.

  • It was difficult for them to get a consolidated view of customer behavior.
  • Reporting was non-standardized between business units.
  • The use of multiple BI tools made cross-functional analysis extremely difficult.

They were looking for a cloud-based solution that could help them to visualize buying journey and loyalty of millions of customers. Kyvos created a Smart Semantic Layer™ on their data platform, which enabled their business users to perform self-service analytics using Tableau or other existing BI tools such as Power BI or Excel. The Kyvos + Tableau solution helped them:

  • Get a 360-degree view of customers across multiple touchpoints.
  • Perform cross-functional analytics on massive datasets.
  • Standardize reporting on 80 customer metrics collected from more than 20 source systems.
  • Build a reliable, single source of truth in an easily consumed data source for all users and tools.

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Speed your Tableau by 100x

Kyvos is like a pill that supercharges your Tableau’s performance by 100x on massive data. It helps you to conduct faster, deeper, and more cost-effective analytics on the cloud using your Tableau platform. The combined power of Kyvos and Tableau can make your business future-ready, empowering your users to use all the available data, without any compromises, to solve complex use cases and support their business decisions.

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