Fastest Insights

With Kyvos, Tableau users can get the fastest response on their Hadoop data. Uncover the story inside your data by visually interacting with it. Drill as deep as you want to find hidden trends and insights. Develop insights from all your data, regardless of size and granularity by adding the Kyvos Engine to your Tableau infrastructure.

Brilliant Visualizations

Kyvos brings more power to Tableau’s strong visualizations and makes it easier for users to find answers to their questions, irrespective of the size of their data. The combination of Kyvos and Tableau (either Tableau Desktop-Professional Edition or Tableau Server) makes sure that you keep pace with your business, and move forward strategically to achieve your growth targets while enriching each user’s experience with their data.

Seamless Integration

Kyvos offers seamless integration with Tableau Desktop (Professional Edition) and Tableau Server, making it extremely easy to get Big Data Analytics up and running in your Tableau environment. This makes analysis of Big Data extremely accessible to decision makers.


The ever-growing volume of data is driving enterprises to re-think their analytics strategy. Self-service BI and quick insights are the way forward, in today’s competitive world.

Kyvos and Tableau give you the power of doing Big Data Analytics on Hadoop instantly and interactively, on world’s favorite BI tool.Learn how to use Kyvos and Tableau together simplifying Big Data Analytics.


Kyvos + Tableau