Kyvos is monitoring the global COVID 19 situation, and we are ready to help.

As a company, our purpose and value are to solve human problems. And through the power of analytics, we want to do our part in fighting COVID 19, and we are offering all government and health organizations across the globe involved with unlimited free licenses of Kyvos.

We genuinely believe that faster and more in-depth insights at a massive scale will not only help you plan your actions better for the current situation but also prepare our governments for future pandemics. Here we are talking about analyzing trillions of rows of data in sub-seconds and going into minutest of details.

If you are a government or health organization that is looking to perform in-depth analytics on all their data to identify a global or local pattern in the fight against COVID 19, we are here to help.

Sign up, and our team will reach out to you shortly and get you in production in a couple of days.