How Verizon is Solving Big Data Problems with Interactive BI

With increasing data volumes and sources, enterprises are outgrowing their traditional BI solutions and struggling to use the data collected on their new data platforms.

In this webinar, Ibrahim Itani, Executive Leader of Big Data Architecture and Technology, talks about Verizon’s big data journey and how they use new technologies to solve problems with data at scale without data movement.

Ibrahim is joined by Sanjay Kumar, General Manager of Telecom at Hortonworks, and Sancha Norris, Director of Product Marketing at Kyvos Insights, who shares additional use cases that leverage big data architectures and interactive BI to reach their business goals.

  • Learn how to deal with the complexity of big data at rest and in motion
  • The differences between traditional OLAP and the modern OLAP on Hadoop
  • How to put together a Hadoop architecture for self-service interactive BI

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Ibrahim Itani

Executive Leader - Big Data
Architecture & Technology,

Sancha Norris

Director Product Marketing,

Kyvos Insights

Sanjay Kumar

General Manager - Telecom,