Driving real value and ROI from your big data strategy

In this webcast we discussed about the persistent challenges faced by organizations in implementing Big Data analytics projects and how to tackle them going forward. This webcast features Forrester Research Principal Analyst, Noel Yuhanna, and Kyvos Insights VP Products & Marketing, Ajay Anand.

In this webcast you will learn about:

  • The state of progress on big data initiatives in organizations
  • Best practices to expand the use and value of data lakes
  • Delivering self-service & interactive BI on big data to business users
  • Use cases of Kyvos customers that have achieved transformational business value

How Verizon is Solving Big Data Problems with Interactive BI

With increasing data volumes and sources, enterprises are outgrowing their traditional BI solutions and struggling to use the data collected on their new data platforms.

In this webinar, Ibrahim Itani, Executive Leader of Big Data Architecture and Technology, talks about Verizon’s big data journey and how they use new technologies to solve problems with data at scale without data movement.

Ibrahim is joined by Sanjay Kumar, General Manager of Telecom at Hortonworks, and Sancha Norris, Director of Product Marketing at Kyvos Insights, who shared additional use cases that leverage big data architectures and interactive BI to reach their business goals.

Benefits of watching:

  • Learn how to deal with the complexity of big data at rest and in motion
  • The differences between traditional OLAP and the modern OLAP on Hadoop
  • How to put together a Hadoop architecture for self-service interactive BI

Accelerating Data Warehouse Modernization with OLAP on Hadoop

It is no news, organizations looking for an alternative to the traditional enterprise data warehouse (EDW) are finding Hadoop to be a cost-effective and scalable framework for storing and processing big data.

In this webinar we present to you a blue print for a modern data warehouse that can make migrating from the EDW to Hadoop much less risky, and deliver faster, cost efficient analytics.

By watching this webcast you will learn about strategies and best practice for implementing a Modern Data Warehouse.

In this webcast covers the following:

  • Impact / ROI analysis, and developing plans
  • Data and Workload Migration to Hadoop using automation
  • Preparing the Data for Exploration and Analytics on
  • Hadoop Building a consumable data layer for the business user

Kyvos + Tableau High performance analytics on Big Data

Over 60% of Fortune 500 companies use Tableau for their BI visualizations. Kyvos further empowers them by delivering fastest response on their Big Data.

Tableau on Kyvos gives you the power of doing Big Data Analytics on Hadoop instantly and interactively, on world’s favorite BI tool.

We invite you to learn how we are changing the way enterprises look at Big Data Analytics. Watch this webcast where we introduce how we are combining the power of Kyvos’ massively scalable analytics platform, and Tableau’s powerful visualizations

In this webcast you will:

  • See how we are simplifying Big Data Analytics
  • Witness how we deliver the fastest insights with rich visualizations

OLAP on Hadoop Changing the way you interact with Big Data

Kyvos Insights is breaking barriers of OLAP scalability with its unique “OLAP on Hadoop” technology. Kyvos helps you gain meaningful insights from massive amounts of data instantly, without IT assistance. It combines exceptional scalability with interactive analytics.

Watch this Webcast featuring Ajay Anand, VP of Products and Jason Lord, Sales Engineer at Kyvos Insights, where they will highlight how business users can interact directly with data at massive scale with instant response times, and introduce you to our innovative technology and its benefits.

Learn more about:

  • Accessing Big Data without Hadoop complexity
  • An exceptionally scalable OLAP solution for Big Data
  • A simplified architecture for today’s modern analytics environment
  • Visual transformation of your Big Data, defining data relationships and business logics
  • How Kyvos eliminates performance challenges faced by traditional BI & analytics